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Latest and Future Technologies in Solar Power | Budding Leaf

The Newest Technology in Solar Energy


In the recent years, there have been a lot of solar panel technology innovations and for people who are considering solar panel systems these are of great advantage. The improvements in storage, equipment capabilities, up gradation in efficiency contribute more efficient power output for the solar panels and also help in lowering costs for systems.

Solar power is becoming more promising day by day with lot of innovation and latest trends in solar technology. There are the micro inverters, new chip technology and also lot of improvements in solar tech products, promising more efficient solar ideas. There have been also certain milestones in solar energy storage, solar efficiency and solar design tech.

In the blog we present the complete update on few breakthroughs in the world of solar technology.

Solar Skin

Solar skin design is quite an innovative protective coating for the solar panels. It helps improve the efficiency by minimizing self cleaning of the solar panels.

Pollen, leaves, bird droppings etc., can often cause chemical wear of the panels, often stopping the transmission of solar power and also reducing the efficiency of the installed system.

Solar skin helps reduce maintenance costs and also protects the panels from environmental pollutants, water deposits and wear and tear.

Solar powered roads

Solar powered roads play significant roles as they offer a wide range of eco solutions such as generating sustainable energy. This idea is also useful in allowing the roads in the countries in supplying energy sources continuously. The roadways have been appreciated for their innate ability to generate clean energy. They also include LED bulbs that help light roads with the thermal heating capacity to melt snow in the winters.

Solar batteries

Solar batteries are basically deep cycle batteries providing energy storage for solar and other renewable energy systems. The off grid photovoltaic solar panel systems are generally made up of solar charge controllers, photovoltaic panels and batteries. Solar batteries are quite useful where you want to use an independent electricity network or where there is a power failure.

Solar Thermal Fuels

Solar thermal fuels (STF) help store the energy of the sunlight, and then get released later in the form of heat. This offers an emission free and renewable solution for conversion and storage of solar energy. The complete process and technology behind the STFs is quite comparable to a typical battery and can harness energy from sunlight and store it as a charge. It then releases the energy when it is prompted.

Solar Water Purifiers

A new solar device was developed by Stanford University researchers and the Department of Energy. When exposed to sunlight, this solar device has the ability to purify water. Although there have been lot of inventions in the past, and this is not the first solar device to filter water, this particular solar water purifier has shown great improvement in efficiency. This new product from Stanford can easily access visible light. It also requires less time to produce reliable drinking water.


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