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We provide the best Solar Power Solutions with industry-class EPC Finance options (bank loans) for Off-Grid, On-Grid, Domestic, Institutional and Industrial Projects. We are Empanelled with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) – TSREDCO – NREDCAP, NSIC Certified to carry on solar projects PAN India.

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Solar Fencing

The increasing crime rate in the urban and rural areas has necessitated the need to have enhanced domestic security applications for our loved ones. And not just our borders, we need to have security mechanism for our land and properties against the trespassers and unauthorized access. Solar electric fencing systems provide an easy, cost-effective, low maintenance solution to various domestic, agriculture and industrial security applications.

Available in different sizes and requirements, solar electric fencing offers protection against theft, pilferage and sabotage. Since the solar power fence system is made up of shock durable system, there is no physical damage case to any trespasser – be it an animal or human. It therefore independently detects, tracks and targets the intruders or any kind of unauthorized activities.

Budding Leaf Infratech is one of the renowned names in offering solar fencing systems solutions to our clients. Our valuable clients have accredited us as one of the leading names in providing high-quality Solar fencing systems solutions owing to our advanced fence monitoring and alarming systems.

Being one of the reliable and authorized solar fencing systems contractor in Hyderabad, we cater to various domestic as well as commercial applications.

Installation requirements

  • Solar electric fence system can be installed alongside the existing fences except barbed wire fences as this can trap the animals.
  • Make sure that the orientation of the solar panel in towards the North-South direction to harness the maximum sunlight.
  • Solar Electric Fence system should conform the national and international standards. Make sure to use proper fencing tools and accessories during installation and maintenance.
  • Earthing is essential for a high performance. Ensure to install good number of earth kits. No earth kits near mains earthing.
  • There should be a built in charger and backup battery
  • One should regularly test the voltage on the fence at 2-3 points and ensure if it is between 5 and 10 kV.
  • Keep the battery in upright position. Before the installation, ensure the initial charging of the battery is done properly.
  • The Solar energizers should tested by ETDC, government of India. Make sure that the Energizer Control unit is placed in a secured area and protected from rain, heavy storms and lightening.
  • Make sure not to connect Energizer to the AC mains or directly from the charger or from the solar panel.
  • Check for vegetation growth regularly.

How it Works

A solar-powered fencing works on the similar mechanism as other solar products

1. Solar-powered panel for solar fencing is composed of multiple small photovoltaic (PV) cells which are connected in series.

2. The PV cells in the panel absorb, collect and convert solar energy into electricity which is stored in a battery to charge the fence.

3. The solar electricity generated through solar panels keeps charging the battery throughout, which in turn keeps the energizer operational 24X7.

4. The energizer is a device used to convert a low-voltage current from battery to a high voltage and thus powering the fence.

5. This way a short electric current is produced when any objects/animals/trespassers come in contact with the fences.

6. This solar electric shock is safe and does not cause any physical damage to the objects coming in its contact.

7. The mere presence of the fence act as an effective ‘psychological barrier’ since the intruder keeps away from the fence once they have experienced this sudden, sharp and painful shock.

Benefits of Solar Fencing
  • Strong protection against unauthorized access
  • Enhanced fencing capabilities
  • Security to your property
  • Trespassing can be easily controlled
  • Safe but effective deterrent
  • Additional revenue
  • A non-lethal, durable shock system
  • Superior strength, high capacity
  • Cost Effective
  • Longer service life
  • High Performance
  • No recurring expense
  • Resistant against corrosion, extreme weather
  • Works 24x7
  • Easy to install
Applications of Solar Fencing
  • Among the many security benefits, a solar-powered fencing is helpful in protecting crops, land, livestock or pets by containing predators and trespassers.
  • The solar fencing provides effective protection against theft, sabotage and arson.
  • The fencing systems, when integrated with other devices like alarms provide enhance security capabilities such as detecting faults or tampering on fences.
  • Largely being adapted for domestic security applications considering the increasing crime rate in the urban areas


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Frequently Asked Questions

The solar fencing is not powered by direct main supply but by a unit called energizer, which is the heart of the fencing system. The AC main charges the 12V battery connected to the energizer and the battery further runs the energizer. The energizer discharges a safe, short-duration but a high voltage impulse that runs through the fencing wire every second.

The solar fencing can very much be installed with the existing fence. The solar fencing wires can be attached to the existing fence using offset brackets. The solar electric fence can also be installed on top of any existing wall.

Solar fencing not only deters and demarcates the unauthorized access but it also detects any faults. Integrated with other devices like alarms, the solar electric fence raises the alarm of there is an open circuit or any kinds of faults or tampering on fencing wires.

Solar power fencing systems are effective but 100% safe deterrent. It is a NON-LETHAL but durable shock system that discharges short high-voltage shock, thus without doing any harm to the objects (animals or humans) coming in contact with the fencing wires.

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