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We provide the best Solar Power Solutions with industry-class EPC Finance options (bank loans) for Off-Grid, On-Grid, Domestic, Institutional and Industrial Projects. We are Empanelled with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) – TSREDCO – NREDCAP, NSIC Certified to carry on solar projects PAN India.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Rooftop Systems

A steep rise in electricity bills have resulted in increasing overheads in the commercial sector. This has paved way for many commercial establishments looking for alternative sources of electricity. Rooftop Solar Panels have emerged as the best source of renewable energy which not only is cost effective but also helps create a positive impact on the environment. This is the reason why more and more commercial and industrial enterprises are going for Rooftop Solar Panels to cut down overhead costs. Budding Leaf Infratech offers customized Rooftop Solar System for commercial and industrial purposes. It provides a good return of investment by enabling them to reduce their minimal recurring expenses (diesel/furnace oil) and electricity bills significantly. With Commercial Rooftop Solar Power, establishments can expect payback in mere 3-4 years of installation.

A money-saving choice for our commercial and industrial clients, Budding Leaf Infratech Rooftop Solar System once installed and commissioned enable free solar power going forward. What’s more? We have helped enormous businesses translate their idle rooftop space into additional revenue generator.

We have successfully delivered our services to PSUs, educational institutions, independent commercial and industrial establishments.

Get in touch with us to convert your vacant rooftop space into a great investment option

Installation requirements

There are quite a few factors which decide the feasibility of installing Rooftop Solar Panels. These include

  • For Commercial Rooftop PV Module Installation, the dimensions and overall structure of the roof is crucial.
  • Empty space in the southward direction so that the solar panels can absorb maximum solar energy
  • A minimum of 100 square feet area for installation of 1KW solar power output
  • For grid-interactive Solar Rooftop Systems, only a standard bi-directional meter, as approved by MNRE/TSSPDCL/DISCOM, should be installed.
  • The consumer shall have 1 phase/ 3 phase supply service connection.
  • A single bi-directional meter shall be installed for export and import of power

How it Works

Rooftop solar system mechanism is based on harnessing sun’s energy to generate electricity.

1.For this, the solar panels – which are made up of several photovoltaic cells – are arranged on the rooftop space in a manner to be exposed to maximum sunlight.

2. These solar PV systems capture and absorb the sun’s energy leading to a chemical reaction within the circuit of solar cells and ultimately turning the energy into direct electric current (DC).

3. The DC power produced by the solar panels is converted to alternating current (AC) with the help of an inverter attached to the panels. The AC power is then used by the commercial unit for powering the appliances.

4. A Bi-Directional Net-Meter measures energy used and excess energy produced

Types of Solar Power System


On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Systems are tailored to harness the abundant solar energy and help you convert your idle rooftop space into a revenue generator. The grid-connected solar systems generate electricity through solar energy for you and help you lower your grid power consumption.

In such systems, a Bi-Directional electricity Net-Meter installed in commercial or industrial units measure the power consumption, excess power exported to the grid, and power imported from the grid. The commercial establishment gets paid for any excess energy that gets stored within the grid by the power supply from the Rooftop Solar Panels.

Advantages of Solar Rooftop
  • Idle rooftop space utilization
  • Cheaper Electricity
  • Reduced power bills
  • Clean, green energy generation
  • Free from power cut problems
  • Additional revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Despite its capital cost being higher than diesel generator or battery inverter, solar rooftop systems are any day cost-effective as they operational cost is extremely low. No high fuel cost to run solar PV systems as their abundant and free – solar energy. Besides, they generate a clean and green energy without polluting the atmosphere. Hence their impact on the environment is also positive.

Other than installation cost, solar rooftop systems hardly have any operational or maintenance cost. Typically, an average payback period of a 5 KW solar system can be expected to be four to five years. Given the high lifespan of 25 years of solar rooftop setups, the electricity generated can be considered as free.

A grid-connected solar rooftop system is designed in such a way that it shuts down automatically if the power in the grid goes out. This is done to avoid electrocution of the technician during maintenance.

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