Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Heater 100 LPD to 500 LPD and Customized Solutions

Broadly, the solar water heating systems are of two categories. They are: closed loop system and open loop system. In the first one, heat exchangers are installed to protect the system from hard water obtained from bore wells or from freezing temperatures in the cold regions. In the other type, either thermosyphon or forced circulation system, the water in the system is open to the atmosphere at one point or other. The thermosyphon systems are simply and relatively inexpensive. They are suitable for domestic and small institutional systems, provided the water is treated and potable in quality. The forced circulation systems employ electrical pumps to circulate the water through collectors and storage tanks.
The choice of system depends on heat requirement, weather conditions, heat transfer fluid quality, space availability ,annual solar radiation, etc. The SHW systems are economical ,pollution free and easy for operation in warm countries like India.

Evacuated tube collectors(ETC) based solar water heaters:

The solar radiation is absorbed by flat plate Collectors which consist of an insulated outer metallic box covered on the top with glass sheet. Inside there are blackened metallic absorber (selectively coated) sheets with built in channels or riser tubes to carry water. The absorber absorbs the solar radiation and transfers the heat to the flowing water.